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As the stage manager, people will look to you for cues on how to behave, and for what’s acceptable during the production.

So try to reign in your language, and avoid profanity and questionable slurs or references, even in jest, among friends, etc. And during a tedious rehearsal or difficult production, a simple smile or encouraging word from you can accomplish great things, so make sure you're always cheerful, accessible, and approachable.

At best, it will enable you to manage those crew members more effectively, and at worst, you'll be able to step in, in the case of emergency.

Also acclimate yourself to common headset workarounds, errors or snafus.

And once the rehearsal period begins, make sure you always have a toolbox of essentials with you, including everything from administrative stuff (pencils, chalk, tape, highlighters), to tools (flashlights, penlights, batteries of all kinds, and more), first aid basics, emergency sewing supplies (especially buttons and snaps), and more.

Always carry your production contact info with you on any meetings, rehearsals, performances, and more.

So listen closely at each and every meeting, taking extensive notes on blocking, lighting and tech cues as they occur, as well as any other noteworthy aspects.

The stage manager is often described as being the glue of any production, the person who always knows what's going on, where it's happening, and how things are actually progressing.

A great stage manager is typically a calm, professional, and organized person with a good base knowledge of stagecraft, and an ability to courteously manage others.

Write in block capitals, clearly, and in pencil until the show is set.

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When giving notes to actors after performances, be tactful and professional.This is a tricky one, just because the theater's a fun place, and it's one in which we all tend to make friends and form relationships.