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is a deduction allowed by the seller of goods or by the provider of services in order to motivate the customer to pay within a specified time.The seller or provider often refers to the cash discount as a Not all sellers offer cash discounts, but a common cash discount is 1/10, net 30 and it will appear on the sales invoice.This means that discounts are essentially treated as compensation to the seller for providing credit to the buyer.Whichever recording method is used, anytime a cash discount is taken by a buyer, this will reduce the seller's sales revenue.Occasionally some service providers allow a cash discount if their fee is paid at the time of the service.For example, my dentist allows a cash discount of 5% to patients without insurance if they pay on the day of the service.

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Cash discounts are offered in order to persuade credit customers to pay their bills faster – they are not meant as an incentive to make the purchase in the first place.The seller often records the cash discount as Sales Discounts.The buyer will record the savings as Purchase Discounts or as a reduction to the cost recorded in inventory.In the gross method, discounts that aren’t taken by the buyer (e.g.

when the buyer does not pay within the discount period) are simply treated as a portion of total sales revenue.

The gross method is most commonly used method in business practice today.