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I’ll lay out some practical tips for each in this guide but for now I’ll define what I mean. Finally, it helps to remember that language learning is a skill.The most important mindset to develop is that anyone can learn a second language. Ask anyone in Germany under 25 and they’ll tell you (in perfect English). Take my word for now that ‘language people’ are not born, they are created. After the initial rush of quick progress comes the long slog to fluency and mastery. Like all skills, progress is a factor of quantity of time and quality of practice. You wouldn’t expect to jam fluently on a guitar after three weeks (or even three months) – don’t expect to learn a language any faster.

Things, in short, that I wish I’d known about much earlier.

It turns out that that the perfect time to review that flash card is the exact moment you’re about to forget it.

SRSs handle this scheduling for you but for thousands of flash cards at a time.

There are also four practical skills: A clear vision and defined goals will keep you on track and motivated during the hard parts of your language learning journey. To do this we need to make them SMART (Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time Bound). B., Passing an exam is (on its own) a terrible reason for learning a language.

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Take out a pen and paper and ask yourself why *you* are learning *this* language. Ask yourself “what specific thing can I do/achieve to show that I have reached the level I am aiming for? But in the context of a broader motivation exams can be a part of a very SMART combination. What/who do we know that can help us get there faster?

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