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Caution: Ripple makes no guarantees about the stability of the test network.

It has been and continues to be used to test various properties of server configuration, network topology, and network performance.

Even if malicious or misbehaving computers connect to both networks, the consensus process overrides the confusion as long as the members of each network are not configured to trust members of another network in excess of their quorum settings.

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You need to trust the Additionally, running your own server gives you admin control over it, which allows you to run important admin-only and load-intensive commands.

Not all servers need to be validators: trusting more servers from the same operator does not offer better protection against collusion.

To address this concern, validator operators can associate their validator with a web domain that they control.

Most of the time, we describe the XRP Ledger as one collective, singular entity -- and that's mostly true.

There are several properties that define a good validator.

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The more of these properties your server embodies, the more reason others have to include your server in their list of trusted validators: configuration.

Many of the commands in the Web Socket API can put a lot of strain on the server, so has the option to scale back its responses when it needs to.