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but the way she overreacted all the time like a crazy b*** made me very agressive and im feeling so sorry for pretty OHY. Can you imagine Eric and Seo Hyun Jin used tongue in their kisses. I think Eric could convince Seo Hyun Jin to act intimately with him.

At the beginning, i liked this drama very much until the development of this weird OHY character ( not her acting btw ) I just remember one thing from this drama. The female lead is indeed enjoying every touches from the male lead vice versa. She can really go with the flow for all of their romantic scenes since she feels comfortable to do that with him.

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She works as an assistant manager for a company's restaurant division. Meanwhile, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) is a popular sound engineer. Anyway, I feel a bit sad for the people who didn't make it to the end.

the story line is something new from a typical rom com and I loved it. i had a phase where it took a few weeks for me to move on:) I experienced "Post-Traumatic Drama Disorder" after watching this drama, only this drama and goblin are causing such a pain affect my life for days, repeated watching it until many times I do not know why ? Cant think of anyone who can do a better job than him for the role of Park Do Kyung. MUST WATCH if you want to find yourself crying then laughing at the next moment. This drama probaly has the best reviews, reason why I gave it a try. Indonesia Eric and Seo Hyun Jin are really professional actors. This two really into their characters, fall in love and such but when Director said 'cut', they just turn as themselves again. Who these days absconds on wedding day due to family...? I kinda expected he is attached since he seems keep distant to all his co-stars on the set of Another Miss Oh. AND seriously I regret every single day not to watch this drama sooner. This feeling long gone after It's okay that's love and I just experience it again in this beautiful fascinating and superb drama.

I think Erick Mun did a wonderful job at potraying his character. They shouldn't contact each other after this drama finished otherwise, Eric could not safe his relationship. I want the male main character is replaced by Gang Dong Won, Jo Jung Seok or Jaejoong (JYJ) I hate to Eric Nam because he already had a girlfriend in the real world, huhu :'( I hope to see the second season next year or someday. I was shipping him with Seo Hyun Jin and disappointed after reading his dating news at first but his girl friend (nahyemi? Imagine how beautiful thir children will be with those beautiful parents genes. At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it.

I think the reason why the doctor was also trying to save the singer lee byung joon is because when Eric was dying in that scene he saw the news where the singer also passed away that day. ---------- SPOILER ALERT ---------- OHMYGOODNESS THE ENDING AT THE WEDDING WAS SO CUTE! I know this is an unpopular opinion but overall I found her character so unlikeable and almost annoying which made it tiring to watch. I am not through yet, but I really wonder why Do-Kyung doesn't try to change his visions but instead always try to make them possible (I know it's not conscious 'trying'). Also I think all characters have some serious problems with the logic in their behaviour in certain scenes. On the other hand, Eric really knows how to lead his co-star and gave her comfortable 'place' to work. I've been re-watching my favorite scenes and I just couldn't get enough of the main couple's amazing chemistry!

So the doctor probably thought that if he was able to somehow save the singer then Eric wouldn't die either because that would mean the future is changed. unfortunately, pretty OHY and HTJ is not there;;;; btw, ERIC WAS SO HANDSOME WITHOUT THE BANGS ON HIS FOREHEAD i knew i had to wait until he get married with the lead OHY!!! anotjer lovely part is relationship between mom and daughter. I do understand why adult Oh Hae Young is this way due to her past but most of the time she was just too immature (blaming others for her bad luck) and overreacting to everything. Only the first 2 episodes were a drag but when you get past those, daebak! But that is common in korean series ;)) Anyway I am curious how it will end. I really do wish that they would reunite again in a drama. But, they denied it already so ship not sailing and it makes me sad. Watching all episodes interviews behind the scenes and I bet Seo Hyun Jin already fall for Eric Mun.

So much so that I watched the rest of the episodes, althought severely skiped. I liked the story, liked the end, but in the later episodes (as I was kinda skiping everything to get to the side stories - also fell for the younger brother/girlfriend and The trio) I almost forgot who the main leads were. IMHO, I think that she is pretty but lacks that kind of charisma which makes me root for or connected with her. The lead actors were indeed had something during filming. I know Eric has someone in real life but you can just do something like that with your co-star if no real feelings.