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Though a number of Danvers' structures have been lost to fire and "progress," much of the town's period architecture still survives, and its written records have been preserved, making Danvers an important and accessible area for period study. Close by is the family burial ground including the grave of witchcraft victim George Jacobs, as well as the monument to Rebecca bearing a poetic epitaph written by John Greenleaf Whittier. Beginning in 1671, the men of Salem Village performed military drills here. Accessible by a cart path, this archaeological site is the famous parsonage of Salem Village, the focal point of the witchcraft delusion of 1692. The house is owned by the Danvers Historical Society. The central 11 acres owned by the Historical Society are surrounded by the 140 acre town owned Endicott Estate which include farm buildings, parks, a playground and walking trails. Samuel Mc Intire designed this ornate Federal style garden house for Elias Hasket Derby. The two-and-a-half story structure is decorated with pilasters, swags, and Grecian urns, and is topped with carvings of a farmer and a milkmaid. The seat of local government, the original central portion of this building was built in the Greek Revival style. On the foyer wall are three WPA murals depicting Danvers' pioneering spirit, civic involvement, and economic growth. The original building burned and was replaced in 1892 by the present classic Georgian Revival structure.

On November 2nd, at the Collected Works Bookstore will be the formal launch of the book. I joined the table as a young, unknown, and struggling writer, wondering how the mistake had been made inviting me among all these famous people.Here is a man who came from a small town in Texas, barely graduated from high school, spent 20 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, flew 328 combat missions in Vietnam over a period of 348 days, survived being shot down twice, and was awarded a raft of medals; he then retired, moved to Santa Fe, and built a world-famous gallery that put Santa Fe on the art-world map; he ran the gallery for 18 years with his wife Peggy and together they raised a wonderful family.Along the way he also published 10 books (this is the 11), acquired and partially excavated a 5,000 room prehistoric Indian pueblo, and amassed a peerless collection of Native American antiquities and art.Becoming independent from Salem in 1752, Danvers witnessed the development of various neighborhood villages, each having its era of prominence, and possessing a unique character.

At the time of the Revolution, Danversport was a shipping and shipbuilding center where tidal mills prospered.and p.m.-5 p.m.; 2nd & 4th Friday - p.m.; 1st Saturday - p.m. Visitors included Frederick Douglass, Lloyd Garrison, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, among others. Here are buried many local Revolutionary War heroes, including Col. Israel Hutchinson, and Nathan Putnam who was severely wounded in the Lexington Alarm. A country Federal style brick house, this was the residence of Danversport mill and tannery owner Samuel Fowler, Jr.