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Skill Note: Burn Baby Burn - Increases the duration of the burn effect by 10 seconds. For experienced players or lovers of Chain Fireball, you’ll be able to drop your enemies’ HP a little longer. Pv E – 1/5 Pv P – 1/5 Hybrid – 1/5 Teleport - Instantly transport to a certain location. It’s already maxed, so all I have to say is don’t teleport too much. For those who can get their hands on this very rare skill note, you’ll become even more untouchable as you escape while being invincible as you land. Pv E – 1/1 Pv P – 1/1 Hybrid – 1/1 (5) Row 2: Basic Physical Defense Training - Increases your physical defense permanently. Pv E – 5/5 Pv P – 5/5 Hybrid – 5/5 Gust Screw - Summons a small pillar of fire around you, causing the enemies around to be launched and damaged.

Skill Note: Soul Movement - During teleportation, you will be invincible for 0.5 seconds. It does a nice amount of damage, however this skill is not recommended for DM/VP. Pv E – 0/5 Pv P – 0/5 Hybrid – 0/5 (10) Row 3: Basic Magic Attack Training - Increases magic attack permanently.

Prerequisite: Mastered Basic Magic Defense Training Definitely a passive that you should not skip.

Pv E – 5/5 Pv P – 5/5 Hybrid – 5/5 Lightning Bolt - Cast a charged bolt of lightning in one direction that deals magical damage.

If you like to do lots of dungeon rather than Pv P, then you are a Pv E build.

Pv P - Stands for “Player vs Player.” This term is obvious, but just in case, this term is used for mainly if you prefer to fight other players more often than do dungeons.

Your basic defenses are not an exception to the rule, so max this passive.

That amount of defense is very useful, even if it’s a small number.

Deals multiple hits doing 110% of damage per hit, meaning it does very high damage if used up close on super armored enemies or large bosses that can’t be knocked down.

Now, please remember the following terms: Pv E - Stands for “Player vs Environment,” the environment meaning monsters in dungeon areas.