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The Pelourinho district of the upper town, still home to many examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments, was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.The city's cathedral is the see of the primate of Brazil and its Carnival celebration has been reckoned as the largest party in the world.In the Catholic Church, Brazil and the rest of the Portuguese Empire were initially administered as part of the Diocese of Funchal in Portugal but, in 1551, Salvador became the seat of the first Catholic diocese erected in Brazil.he served as the primate of Congo and Angola until the elevation of Luanda on 13 January 1844 and still serves as the national primate of Brazil.

Salvador's wettest months are between April and June when at least 20 cm (8 in) of rain falls during each of these four months.

By that time, Portugal had become united with Spain and was ruled from Madrid by its kings.

In 1621, King Philip III replaced the Governorate of Brazil with the states of Brazil, still based in Salvador and now controlling the south, and the Maranhão, which was centered on São Luís and controlled what is now northern Brazil.

John Maurice's two subsequent attempts to retake the town in April and May of 1638 were unsuccessful.

In the 1990s, a major municipal project cleaned and restored the neighborhood in order to develop it as the cultural center and heart of the city's tourist trade.As Spain was then prosecuting a war against the independence of the Dutch, the Dutch East and West India companies tried to conquer Brazil from them.

Born to rule over all the monkeys in the world, the story of the Monkey King is one of the oldest and greatest Chinese fables. Chin-Kee is the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype, and he's ruining his cousin Danny's life.… continue reading »

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According to the top bods at GCHQ, gathering classified information comes naturally to us mothers, because of our emotional intelligence – which is such an emotionally intelligent conclusion, I suspect that the Intelligence and Security Committee is already run (on a part-time basis…) by the panellists of Loose Women. Although I can do that, too, if required, once I’ve represented myself in court, built a patio and landed the plane. Can you stop clawing at the air and croak up a bit?… continue reading »

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If you opt for this kind of websites, you have then made a deal with yourself that you’re not going about finding a soul mate, but a simple occasional partner, no strings attached, and no complications.… continue reading »

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(ii) Consider the manner in which any funds are used to support economic education and personal financial literacy activities.… continue reading »

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Alcohol is scarce, officials say, fraternities and sororities unknown.… continue reading »

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